MEDIGREIF Professional Training College Greifswald

In 1990 the college was constituted as a department of the MEDIGREIF GmbH. The foundation of the medical-pharmaceutical college on 29th April 1991 saw the beginning of the autonomous development of what is today the Professional Training College Greifswald (Berufsfachschule Greifswald – BfG). After the renaming of the college, the BfG was registered as a limited company on 17th January 1992.

The excellent reputation of the BfG is justified not least by the highly specialist qualifications of the teaching staff (of 44 teaching staff members, 3 have been appointed professors and a further 9 earned doctorates) and the committed work of all 81 full-time and 30 part-time employees.

The most recent projects of the BfG are the founding of the independent primary school in Greifswald and the establishment of the private grammar school.